The Bodcaps is an American internet show, often misidentified as a podcast due to the name. The show started when Codie Proasheck wanted to just record himself living his life in Loud Crowd. It has since evolved to being recorded in Vault 112 after the death of Loud Crowd, and is watched by many loyal Tuk Tuks every day.


Main HostsEdit

  • Codie Proasheck — The creator of The Bodcaps, he has been in every episode since its inception, despite some of them being recorded by Sam. Codie is an old man, sometimes called Clodie, and he likes to play Bingo.
  • Sam Baker — Codie's internet girlfriend, Sam is the official art director and he records The Bodcaps sometimes when Codie is away or can't do it himself. He's Canadian.
  • Kyle Fortman — The show's first ever guest, Kyle was the only person that wasn't Codie to be in episode 1. Kyle continues to be very active on The Bodcaps, not wanting to miss a single episode. He still likes The Loud House and he loves Leni.
  • Robert Fabela — The creator of lasagna meme, Robert is known for his ability to make a Bodcaps episode great. He likes old people music.

Recurring Guests Edit

  • Sean Corby — Also known as Golan/Bolan, Sean is one of the most active guests, sometimes referred to as the unofficial fifth host. He was an important part of the origin of Topic Generator, along with Robert.
  • Byron Carroll — Sam's friend, he doesn't usually talk, but he's still fairly important and a loyal member of The Bodcaps.
  • Nadia Lastname — The silent member, she likes to move people into different voice calls to mess with them. Her big meme is trying to force memes while never talking.
  • Jacob — He likes youth memes and is from a fake country.
  • Cole Peters — Codie's brother, he can often be heard yelling profanities at video games while the grown ups try to do their jobs of recording The Bodcaps.
  • Tonya Peters — Codie's mother, she plays Pokemon Go every day.
  • Larry Bird — Codie's father, also known as Jim Peters, he collects sports cards and is the proud owner of
  • Kieran Noseworthy — Of The Noseworthy Clan, he was mostly a rumored person, unable to be found, until his eventual Bodcaps debut.
  • XY Cron — Also known as Diego, he isn't sure what ignorance means.
  • FireGem — The original Tuk Tuk, he is rumored to be the true Tuk Tuk and the son of Codie.
  • Dairy Product — The most loyal Tuk Tuk, he watches more of The Bodcaps than anyone. He is also the most active person from the Heist community to join The Bodcaps. His God given name is Harold.
  • Riley Christopher Paul McCarroll IV — Codie's friend, he vapes, likes milk way more than a normal person should, and likes The Big Bang Theory.
  • Jed Pongpetch — The most Asin member of The Bodcaps, he can't scare BOARD.
  • Shaylin Shang — The secret Asin, she is white, but also Asin. She is also not bitter.
  • Ethan Birch — He's some guy that Sam knows and is too afraid to talk or show his face. He'd let Hugh Jackman put his claws inside him.
  • Dylan Lange — The host of The Loud Cast, Dylan has been inactive for a long time, but made a surprise appearance on The Death of Loud Crowd.
  • Aimee Sander — Codie's cousin, she appeared on The Bodcaps without knowing she was on it. Tonya urged her not to make her debut.
  • Esteban Valadez — A cool Mexican that I think was on The Bodcaps.
  • Shane — Also known as VicariousShaner, he likes bad films directed by David Decoteau.
  • Swiggle — He posted his porn collection in Vault once.

Fictional Characters Edit

  • Dan Aykroyd (played by Robert Fabela) — He doesn't lie to his kids and he does believe in ghosts. He's most famous for acting in Ghostbusters.
  • Hammerz and the Hammer Bros. (played by Codie Proasheck, Sam Baker, Robert Fabela, and Kyle Fortman) — Led by Hammerz, the group also includes Sammerz, Whammerz, and Jammerz. They're a rap group that produced the hit album Garage Snakes (And Spiders).
  • Triphammerz (played by Codie Proasheck) — The evil alter ego of Hammerz, sometimes he goes on racist rants.
  • Tom the Cat (played by Kyle Fortman) — A surprisingly nice guy, not at all what you would expect from seeing him on Tom & Jerry.
  • Jerry the Fuckboi (played by Byron Carroll) — An asshole that seemingly hates everyone and everything. Also the opposite of what you would expect from his character on Tom & Jerry.

Heist Guests Edit

Inactive Guests Edit

  • Doctor Venuz — Also known as Tibby Dobs, also known as Lisa, he tried to force bad memes and he drew bad art in Paint. He left Loud Crowd after posting his manifesto. He was not invited to Vault 112.
  • Nate Carraway — He likes classic rock more than any sane man and plays the bass loudly. He hates rain and would kill a human being if he ever had to walk in it probably.